What is Passage?

Passage is an accessible and customizable 3D world for video chat, presentations, collaboration, and e-commerce.

No apps or downloads

Users can access Passage in one click through any browser! No new apps to download means easy adoption.

Impossible graphics

Passage graphics run on cloud servers, allowing for impossible realism on any device.

Immersive Presence

Spatialized audio and 360 video make users feel present. See who is looking at you, and get a surround sound experience as users move around you or further away.

No learning curve

Intuitive touch controls allow any user to quickly navigate an immersive 3D world like a pro.

Build your experience

Step I: Standard Features

Every Passage experience comes with these standard features. The base cost gets your Passage world up-and-running on a custom domain. Use your space for one-off events or an ongoing virtual location!

3D Worlds

Jump into a virtual experience with a real sense of 3-dimensional presence.

Immersive Video Chat

Spatialized audio changes sounds based on where people are around you. Hear your friends behind you before turning to see them!

Presentations / Panels

Speakers can now see the crowd and talk directly to the audience. Guests get a stage-front view!

Screen share / streaming

Stream live video into the 3D world or share a presentation. Passage is a cross-media platform.

Step II: Choose your space

Pick one of our immersive 3D worlds to host your experience. Each world has unique branding opportunities, and once your Passage world is live, you can gather there as often as you like!


Convention Center









Step III: Choose your format & size

Single Event

Host a single event in your Passage world! This is a great option for conferences, galas, speaker events, and other one-off or recurring events.

Pay per hour for guests

Ongoing Location

Keep your Passage doors open all the time! This is a great solution for immersive sales demos, team collaboration, or e-commerce.

Pay per team member monthly

How to get started

  1. 1. Choose a World

    You can pick from the native Passage worlds, or we can build you a custom world!

  2. 2. Choose a Format & Size

    You don’t have to pick just one! Once your Passage world is live, you can host multiple events or keep your space open for team members and guests with the occasional event mixed in.

  3. 3. Fill Out Branding Template

    We’ll send you a branding template where your designer can drop in the appropriate branding for placement in the 3D world.

  4. 4. Provide Domain

    We’ll connect with your team to setup the world on your custom domain!

  5. 5. Join the Space!

    We’ll send invites to setup admin or team accounts to give your team access to the space. We’ll also provide access codes or special links for you to invite your guests.

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