What is Passage?

Passage is an accessible and customizable 3D world for video chat, presentations, collaboration, and e-commerce.

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Connected virtual worlds
for work & play


Impossible graphics using Unreal Engine 5 combined with spatialized audio and video chat makes you feel like you’re really in the same space with the people around you.


Every piece of your world can be minted into an NFT that can be interacted with or sold. You can even gate access to your world depending on the NFTs someone has in their wallet.


No apps or downloads and no learning curve! Access Passage worlds with one click through any browser and navigate with ease using intuitive touch controls.


Strange Clan

Strange Clan is an Online RPG game built with Unreal Engine 5 and Passage which means beautiful graphics, accessible on any device. Passage also enables in-game NFT creation, so players can craft and trade their in-game items and customizations.

Blok Hous

The premier space for entertainment and arts showcases in Passage. Blok Hous will be a home for creators to engage directly with their audiences across the world. This space was built from the ground-up as a Passage experience, with opportunities for unprecedented metaverse exploration, discovery and social interactions.

Rap Is A Martial Art Festival

One of the largest hip-hop events ever in the Metaverse, Rap Is A Martial Art Festival will operate at the intersection of hip-hop and martial arts, with some of the biggest names in both industries producing a ground-breaking virtual experience.


From the creative minds of influencers Caleb and Austin Natale, the Boomieverse is a new IP being launched as a hand animated NFT collection on the Passage Marketplace and a AAA party-style game connected to blockchain and playable on any device through Passage.


A community-owned space for the Chihuahua token, this world is being custom built from the ground up to suit community needs including mini-games, social functionality and in-world purchases using $HUAHUA as a native currency.


Every Passage world is completely unique and is limited only by what you can imagine. Worlds can be games, large or small events, community spaces, or just a place to hang out with your friends.

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Spatialized Audio & Video Chat

Have more organic conversations. You can look at who you are talking to and hear the environment around you.

Unreal Worlds

Enter worlds built in Unreal Engine 5, the industry leader in creating virtual experiences both in games and film.

No Apps or Downloads

Users can access Passage in one click through any browser! No new apps to download means easy adoption

Accessible From Any Device

Passage graphics run on cloud servers, allowing for impossible realism on any device.

Event Tools

Turn your world into a ticketed event, hosting hundreds or even thousands of attendees.

No Learning Curve

Intuitive controls for any device allows users of all ages to quickly navigate an immersive 3D world with zero friction.

Collaboration Tools

Quickly collaborate with others using in-world screenshare and whiteboard tools directly from your world.

Mint & Sell NFTs

Using our marketplace features, you can mint and sell NFTs that can have integrated utility in your world.

Customizable Worlds


Game Worlds

Concert Venues

event centers

Game Worlds


Blockchain Features

NFT Integration

Using our marketplace features, you can mint and sell NFTs that can have integrated utility in your world.

Powered by AkasH

Build your world in the decentralized cloud.

$PASG Token

Passage worlds are built, sustained and secured with $PASG Tokens.

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  • Two year development cycle initially centered around B2B clients.
  • Passage & Strange Clan official announcement and Twitter and Discord launch.
  • Strange Clan Town One NFT Collection launched, selling out and earning ~$2m USD.
  • Community events and the launch of the Strange Clan comic and story.

h1 2022

  • Passage Marketplaced Beta launch
  • Passage $PASG token launch
  • Strange Clan Town 2 Sale
  • Offer & Auction Functionality in the Marketplace
  • Additional curated collections onboarded onto the Marketplace

H2 2022

  • $PASG Public Sale
  • First 3rd party Passage Worlds launch
  • Optimization of streaming stack, reducing costs for users
  • Dynamic currency usage in Marketplace
  • Updated Passage UI/User onboarding process
  • $PASG-native Marketplace & payments for World Streaming Fees
  • Self-Mint Functionality in Marketplace
  • Passage Spaces first release


  • Strange Clan: Prologue Launch
  • Passage Office Tools
  • Open Demo Platform
  • World Builder Beta
  • Avatar Customization Suite
  • On-Demand Server Scaling

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